~Extensions: Speeddial 2~

Here's the screenshot of my mom's laptop with the normal new tab page....

As you know, the new tab page keeps record of the sites you visited and the most popular ones are displayed as thumbnails. These thumbnails seems to update randomly. If you think one of the thumbnails is good and you it want to stick there forever, then you can just pin it by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail and clicking the top left corner.

Or if you want to hide the unwanted porn websites thumbnails, then just click on the top right corner.

Simple, but that doesn't give you control at all over the these thumbnails. What the hell, Chrome! Why can't I set my own dials?!

The solution is only through extensions and Speeddial 2 is just for you. Head over there now by clicking the icon below!

Speeddial 2 - A NEW new tab page!

Once installed, the option pages pops out when you open a new tab.

Read it by yourself. It's really self-explanatory. If you hover your mouse to the right, you can access the Bookmarks and History sidebar. Very neat, yeah?

Alrighty then, follow the instructions and click one the + button, or you can just right-click anywhere and select Add dial.

Here's how to fill in the details:

  1. Url: Come on, it's the address to the website, of course! 
  2. Name: Any funky name you wanna give to the dials.
  3. Custom image url (optional) and Predefined logo:-Well, if the webpage you are adding is a really popular one, such as Facebook, then the Predefined logo section might have the logo that you need, just select it from the droplist.
    - On the other hand, if you don't like the logo it provides, you can just head to any websites, find the logo you want and paste it in the Custom image url (optional).
    If you don't select anything at all, it'll take the screenshot of the pages you visited. You can set the refresh frequency in the Options page.
  4. Group: Create group so that you can have multiple pages shown below.

To create the new group, just select Create new group, fill in the group name, and click on the dropper to select  the colour for the group, and you're done! Easy! If you ever need to edit the dials, just right-click and choose Edit.

Right click any empty space in the new tab page and select Options. You'll be brought over to the Options page. There's plenty to tweak here. You'll just have to explore it by yourself.

Some brief options for example, would be how you want to Order dials by. Choosing Order by my manual order gives you the freedom to arrange the dials as you like. These settings are pretty much depends on individuals, so you'll do the settings.

The tabs that you'll be using would be mostly Dial Options, Customize dial style, Background and Sidebar panels. As for the background, you can use the backgrounds provided, or simply enter a URL of a nude gal any image you like.

A note for those who have laptops and computers and would like to sync your settings over these platforms, the bad news is that it doesn't support sync, yet. So the only options is to export your settings.

First, go to the Options page and select the Import/Export tab.

Click on Export settings and you'll have a long piece of settings generated. Copy EVERYTHING and save it as whatever you like using notepad (.txt). When you want to import the settings, just click Import settings and paste EVERYTHING into the space provided and click Import these settings and DONE!!

Hope that this extension is helpful for a better browsing experience!! 

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